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To date, we have the personal information of a significant number of people on the island. This information is linked to everyone's electronic health record. Chances are, without formally registering with UHC, you may already be recorded in the health information system. However, to ensure completeness and accuracy, everyone is encouraged to submit an up-to-date entry of their personal information. This information is processed in a strictly confidential manner and will save you time on your next visit to the doctor!

Step 1 Get the forms

Step 2 Submit the forms
  • at any public health facility
  • at the UHC office in Castries
  • at any NIC office
  • Online (pdf)

Once you've completed a form (make sure the required fields are filled in), you can return it to any hospital, health centre, or polyclinic, the UHC office or any NIC office. You can also fax the form to our main office at: 453-7668.


Electronic Registration

Alternatively, you can enter your information electronically using the online registration form. No forms, no lines, no waiting, no hassle!

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